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Team GT for Faith & Family

Congressman Glenn 'GT' Thompson with scouts

Congressman GT's lifelong involvement in scouting comes from a deep-rooted commitment to faith, family, and community service.

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Our Country was founded by men of faith on principles firmly grounded in the Judeo-Christian tradition.

America is resilient when the fundamental institution of the family, and the constitutionally-guaranteed free exercise of our religious freedoms are protected, promoted, and respected.

Congressman GT Thompson is passionately committed to the protection of innocent human life, and has compiled a solid pro-life, pro-family voting record in his five years in Congress.

The TeamGT for Faith & Family Coalition brings together individuals and organizations that are committed to the recognition and respect of the importance of Faith and Family.

Join the TeamGT for Faith & Family Coalition to support the state and nationwide leadership of Congressman GT in reclaiming the importance of Faith and Family for America.

Congressman GT Thompson has been endorsed by the National Right to Life Committee.

Above, Congressman Thompson addresses the 37th Annual Pro-Life Breakfast in Erie, PA on January 17, 2015.

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